Building a Winning Wardrobe: Teen Vogue LEGO Fashion Design Challenge

Imagine making a dress out of LEGO® dots. Matthew Williams, a junior fashion design major at Kent State University, is doing just that.

Williams is one of six students who has been featured in Teen Vogue’s Generation Next Class of 2022. The students selected have been given 21,000 LEGO dots that they will now use in a design challenge.

According to the Teen Vogue article, “The winners will participate in a design challenge in partnership with LEGO. These designs will be showcased in Los Angeles at this year's Teen Vogue Summit among industry insiders, influencers and celebs to foster new relationships and networking opportunities.”

Now that Williams has been selected, his next step will be to finish creating his Lego dress. After, he will appear at Teen Vogue Summit.

“Once that is finished, Teen Vogue has invited me to LA with other creatives to sit on a panel and discuss creativity and how to have fun with it,” Williams said. “While on the panel, our Lego designs will be revealed. I’m very excited for this because it’s been a lot of work and fun.”

Williams is thankful for the opportunity Vogue has given him and is excited to showcase his work at the summit.

“This gives me another opportunity to showcase my work to the world and create something never seen before,” Williams said.

Williams is thankful for the techniques he has learned at Kent State and at the Paris American Academy where he is currently studying abroad.

“They have definitely helped improve my basics with sewing and techniques that I actually needed to know,” Williams said. “I learned the more industry-standard way of doing things instead of however I wanted to do it.”

In Williams’ free time he enjoys making clothes for friends.

“I love to design, it gives me peace of mind,” Williams said. “I like making other people feel better about themselves when they wear something that I made.”

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POSTED: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 09:30 AM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 07:05 PM
Jordan Bryski