Can You Feel the Puppy Love?

Paws for a Cause hosts annual puppy kissing booth to spread the love this Valentine’s

Puppy love was in the air Tuesday, Feb. 13, on the second floor of the Kent Student Center where Paws for a Cause hosted its annual puppy kissing booth.  

Five furry friends excitedly waited as Kent State University students and faculty came to give them pets and get some puppy kisses all for a dollar.  

People petting a puppy

The kissing booth served as the perfect way for the puppies to give everyone love all while raising funds to help Paws for a Cause continue its mission.  

“They’re service pups in training and we’re giving them the chance to have an awesome future,” said McKenzie Savage, director of programming for Paws for a Cause.  

Paws for a Cause is a student organization on campus that works with Paws 4 Ability to train service dogs who will then go on to be placed with a veteran or child with disabilities. The club also focuses on educating people about service dogs and their importance.  

Dog being petted

“It’s getting a chance for our dogs to get some love as well as interacting with a lot of different kinds of people, it's really important for them to get used to that,” Savage said.

The kissing booth visitors felt the love as they petted the puppies.  

“I just needed some puppy love on this school day,” Annie White, freshman aeronautical studies major, said.


Students missing their dogs at home found comfort in spending a little time with the puppies at the kissing booth.

“I really miss my dog at home, and I live far away so I can't really go see her,” Kellar Lambeau, sophomore architecture major, said.  “I really needed some puppy time.”

Learn more about Paws for a Cause.  

POSTED: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 03:56 PM
Updated: Monday, February 19, 2024 11:31 AM
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