Collaboration Between Kent State and Cleveland Aids in City Development

The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC), home to Kent State’s urban design graduate program, as well as public service activities of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, was recently featured on News 5 Cleveland.

The city of Cleveland’s transformation into a modern, booming city has had its issues, but thanks to innovative ideas and a successful partnership with Kent State University, the city is moving towards an even brighter future.

Kent State Urban Design Collaborative Director Terry Schwarz was featured in two segments on News 5 Cleveland about the project.

Schwarz agrees that the projects will help the city move toward a brighter, more sustainable future. "I love the Midway Project particularly because it's taking a disadvantage and turning it into an advantage," Shwarz told News 5.  

According to Cleveland News 5, the main roads in Cleveland currently reflect a city with double the population of Cleveland. Thanks to innovative leadership in the city, Cleveland streets may soon be a forecast of the future of roadways - one with less space for cars, and more room for alternative, green transportation.

While Cleveland may be booming, not all communities have the opportunity to celebrate the growth. Many projects in Cleveland, such as new luxury apartment complexes, are too expensive for some residents to keep up.

Schwarz believes that projects like these have left some members of the Cleveland community behind.

"It creates these kind of jarring moments of pockets of strength and pockets that really need support and need help," Schwarz said.

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POSTED: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 2:52pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 8:01am
Katie Null