Environmental Studies in the Spotlight

Kent State’s distinctive Environmental Science and Design Research Institute showcases inspiring projects

The environment is something that many people take for granted. But it affects us all. Some recent Kent State University students spent the semester putting environmental issues front and center.

Environmental studies students recently showed off their environmental research projects at the Environmental Science and Design Research Institute Showcase on April 22. The institute is “dedicated to research and investigations within natural, human, and built systems, as it develops innovative knowledge, products, and solutions to address local, regional, and global issues.”

Participants of the showcase were made up of environmental students taking the Integrated Senior Project class, but the showcase was open to the Kent State community. Students presented on topics such as “What Makes Someone Environmentally Conscious?” and “The Impact of Environment on Imaginative Play” and “Cannabis Industry Effects in Ohio.” The projects spanned the spring semester, giving students ample time to conduct research and compile their findings.  

Projects were judged by environmental studies graduate students, doctoral candidates and faculty.  

This year two senior environmental studies majors took the top awards. Adriana Cooper won with her research regarding the awareness and impacts of lawn fertilizer practices in suburban environments. Dillon Seymour, who researched the effects of sunlight on academic performance, was also a winner.

Senior environmental studies major, Andrew Horan, was one of the students conducting research this semester.  

“For my topic, I chose ‘What makes someone environmentally conscious,’” Horan said. “I did my research to first find out what tends to make someone environmentally conscious. I then surveyed Kent State students to see how conscious students really are.”  

Students then compiled their research onto posters and presented their findings to students, staff and judges. Presenters were judged on the visual aspects of their posters and how they chose to present their information.

Jenna McCrudden presents at the 2024 ESDRI Showcase

Jenna McCrudden, a senior environmental studies major, presented her poster with pride.  

“These posters are the culmination of a semester's long journey,” said McCrudden. “I’m so happy to be able to share all the hard work I’ve put into this and show it off.”

Learn more about Kent State’s Environmental Science and Design Research Institute.

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Luke Trupo