Five Focus-Friendly Places to Study on Campus

With the new semester already in full swing, cracking open a textbook is more important than ever. It can be hard to focus in your room or even in an apartment with ample distractions. Need a new place to study? Here are five focus-friendly places to study on campus throughout the semester.

The Fourth Floor of the Library

Study Area in the 4th Floor of the Library

The tallest building in Portage county is a great, obvious choice. With Starbucks and numerous floors and views, you can't go wrong. The fourth floor is a fan favorite and a perfect place to study by yourself or with friends.

“I really love the fourth floor because it has a very relaxed vibe to it,” Amanda Demyan, junior nursing major, said. “There are many seating options like couches, tables and booths! It can be loud sometimes because it is a group floor, but I just put in headphones. They also have whiteboards I love to use.”

The Sixth Floor of the Library

Study Area on the 6th Floor of the Library

If you need some extra peace and quiet, the sixth floor of the library is for you.

“I love studying on the sixth floor of the library because not many people go to that floor, so I can easily focus and study,” Angelina Marsh, freshman nursing major, said.

The Lounge Area in the Residence Halls

Study Area in Residence Halls

If you don't want to leave your dorm and need a place more convenient, the lounge areas are a good choice for you.

“The lounge area allows me to be able to see people who live in my dorm as well as having a nice place to study that won’t get too crowded because of the limited access,” Natalie Phillips, freshman fashion design major, said.

The Second Floor of Franklin Hall

Study Area in the Second Floor of Franklin Hall

If you happen to be on Front Campus, Franklin Hall is a great place for you to stop by and get some studying done between classes.

“It’s always quiet and small, so there’s never a lot of people there,” Sophia Sainato, junior digital media production major, said.

The Second Floor of the Kent Student Center

Second Floor Kent Student Center

Grabbing food from the Hub right before a study session? Take a trip to the second floor and find a quiet place to focus.

“They have study pods and have chargers built in so you can really focus,” Avery Savage, senior public relations major, said. “The tables and pods are right in front of the large window, so you have a great view of the library while studying.”

While you embark on a fresh journey for this new year and semester, make sure to add some study time to your routine to help ensure academic success.

POSTED: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 09:55 AM
Updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 01:35 PM
Taylor Haydu, Flash Communications