Five Tips for Surviving Winter at Kent State

Winter is coming for Kent State University students. Ohio is used to its fair share of winter weather, but if it is your first winter in Kent you may not be physically or emotionally prepared for the cold and the gray. Since we’re here to learn, we want to go to class despite the weather. So here are five tips for getting through it - and maybe having a little fun along the way.

Wear Appropriate Outerwear Clothing 


Student Walking On Campus in the Winter

When walking around in cold weather it is important to have the proper outer gear. Warm, weatherproof coats, hats and gloves will keep you warm from chilly winds and snowy weather. If you do not own a coat, Kent State provides warm-up locations around campus where students are encouraged to take whatever they need to prepare for the winter months. Find more information about the annual coat drive and where to pick up items here.

Keep a Snow Shovel in your Car

Starsphere in Winter

Snow in Ohio can pile up. While the Kent State and Kent communities work hard to keep roads and sidewalks clear, it is not uncommon to come out of class to fresh inches of snow. Depending on where you live, it may take longer for roads and parking lots to be cleared. To ensure that you can make it to where you need to be on time and with ease, keep a small snow shovel in your car.

Wear Slip-Proof Shoes

Student walking in the winter

Contrary to popular belief, Doc Martens are not adequate slip-proof shoes for the Ohio ice and snow. When walking around campus, make sure to dress properly for slippery weather with shoes that have enough traction to grip ice on your commute. No one wants to take a final with wet jeans after falling in the snow.

Follow Housing Guidelines for Leaving for Break

Kent State provides students with nearly a month leave between the fall and spring semesters. However, if you are leaving your place of residence, there are certain steps you should take to make sure your dorm, house or apartment is the same as you left it when you return. Due to the cold weather, pipes in residences are at risk of freezing over. This can cause damage to your apartment if they burst or break. Many housing offices will email or post directions for students to follow before leaving for break. This often includes unplugging appliances, keeping pipes active and adjusting heat. Talk to your landlords or RAs if you have questions.

Enjoy Your Time in The Snow

While the winter can be cold, there are also plenty of fun activities students can enjoy during the winter months. Take a study break at Kent Skates, the free ice skating rink downtown; build a snowman on the K with your roommates; or partake in the decades long tradition of sledding outside Taylor Hall. Check out these five activities to do in December and keep an eye out for events on and off campus to keep you entertained through the winter months.

Because winter at Kent State can be pretty fun and beautiful:


POSTED: Friday, December 2, 2022 10:42 AM
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Madeleine Majikas, Flash Communications