IN A FLASH: Finding Flashes in Colombia



Market scene in Colombia


Elly Styles, assistant director of International Admissions through the Office of Global Education at Kent State University recently visited Colombia in search of the next generation of international Golden Flashes. She shared these images of her meetings with students and scenes from around Colombia with "IN A FLASH."

Elly Styles with a group of students in Colombia


Elly Styles with a group of students in Colombia


Styles' journey included visits with students from Bucaramanga, Cali, Pereira and Bogotá. Armed with a clipboard, university brochures and boundless enthusiasm, Styles carried the Kent State University mission to support and recruit international students. Her admirable efforts bridge cultures and bring educational opportunities to students from around the world.

Scenes from Colombia
Scenes from Colombia


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Phil B. Soencksen
Photos by Elly Styles and Kent State International Admissions