Flash Friday: Nashya Poole

Junior business management major takes on-campus leadership opportunities by storm

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Nashya Pool

Meet Nashya Poole, a junior business management major with a minor in entrepreneurship from Cleveland, Ohio, who has made the most of her time at Kent State University through leadership roles and student organizations.  

“I chose to study in the field of business not only because of the job security I will have after graduating, but I also believe studying in this field has provided me with life skills such as financial management, effective communication and growth in my leadership,” Poole said.  

Poole is heavily involved in student organizations. In addition to her time serving in the Undergraduate Student Government and Business Professionals’ Roundtable, she works as a Kent Student Ambassador and resident assistant. She previously served as the co-director of programming for Black United Students.  

Poole’s student involvement has shaped her Kent State experience. Her most memorable moment was working on programming for the 52nd Annual Renaissance Ball during her time with Black United Students.  

“During my time with Black United Students, I worked alongside the director of programming at the time, Brian Johnson, who is a relative of mine,” she said. “Being able to share that experience with him and see everything come together with the help of our committee and support from friends and family was just a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Nashya Poole with Black United Students

Events like the Renaissance Ball are exactly why Poole stays involved with Black United Students.  

“Seeing the Black community come together in a space to showcase their talents, have a good time and just smile throughout the night was amazing to see,” Poole said. 

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POSTED: Thursday, April 11, 2024 10:51 AM
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Maddie Goerl, Flash Communications
Courtesy of Nashya Poole