IN A FLASH: Racing to Zero Waste

Brainstorming Zero Waste at the DI Hub


Students used a whiteboard in Kent State's DI Hub to share and discuss their ideas about reducing the amount of trash/waste generated on campus. 

Brainstorming Zero Waste at the DI Hub


This brainstorming session was part of Kent State's Campus Race to Zero Waste One-Building Challenge. This activity is designed to help schools focus and test their zero waste efforts on one building and compare their results to other campuses; Chosen buildings must be at least 10,000 sq. ft.. During this competition participating schools will track all sources of their waste generation during a four-week period during February and March.  Schools will be compared based on who disposes the least amount of material as trash, as well as the diversion rate for the building. This challenge is open to all schools, but specifically designed for those with mature waste reduction programs interested to focus on advanced recovery efforts.

Campus Race to Zero Waste, formerly called RecycleMania, is managed by the National Wildlife Federation. 

The DI Hub is the facility competing in the One-Building Challenge for Kent State. 

Brainstorming Zero Waste at the DI Hub


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POSTED: Friday, April 12, 2024 08:58 AM
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Phil B. Soencksen
Leah Graham, sustainability coordinator, Kent State Facilities Planning and Operations