If Pokémon, Anime or LARP are Your Passions, Kent State has a Club for You

Kent State has unique clubs and organizations that just may have your name written all over them

Delonte Goodman chose to attend Kent State because of its affordability and closeness to home. But when Goodman found out that the university was home to the Kent State Pokémon League, it pushed him over the top.

"One thing that also drew me into Kent State was that they had a Pokémon club,” said Goodman, a senior majoring in mechatronics. “I was like, ‘Okay, it's pretty close, and it has something that I like.’ I am actually the president of the Pokémon club now.” 

With more than 350 student organizations and clubs, Kent State has something for everyone.  

"Kent State has a unique blend of student organizations from academic and media groups to special interest and cultural; there is truly a home for everybody," said Katie (Goldring) Syvanych, associate director of Kent State's Center for Student Involvement. "These organizations host 100s of events annually that provide a connection point and help students build a network of friends during their time on campus and beyond."

There are sororities, fraternities, career-oriented clubs, and religious organizations. Students who love dance can find their niche, as can thespians. Intramural athletics such as lacrosse and ice hockey, fitness clubs and wellness organizations are also well represented at Kent State. 

There are also some unique clubs and organizations that just may have your name written all over them.

Kent State Pokémon League 

If you like to trade, battle, or just hang out with Pokémon enthusiasts, this is the club for you.

Delonte Goodman said Kent State Pokemon League sealed the deal

Kent State LARP Club Ohtari

The object of the Kent State LARP Club Ohtari is to promote LARP (Live Action RolePlay), good sportsmanship, safety practices, environmental awareness, educational and recreational opportunities, athleticism and comradery.


This organization is all about the welfare of animals, all animals. Bark-itecture supports local animal foundations and aims to leave a mark on the architecture and construction of animal sanctuaries. 

Black Squirrel Mafia 

For students who like murder mysteries and card games, Black Squirrel Mafia hits both marks. Black Squirrel Mafia aims to encourage friendship, community and individuality through playing the game Mafia, which is described as a social deduction game similar to the card game Werewolf and the party game Among Us.    

Black Squirrel Mafia is a cross between murder mystery and a card game.

Kent State Anime Society 

This organization is for students who are interested in anime, a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by colorful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-packed futuristic plots. The club also welcomes students who love manga, which is a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels produced and published in Japan. 

The Kent State Anime Society is one of the unique clubs offered on campus

Artificial Intelligence Club 

If you are enthusiastic about AI, membership in this club may be just up your alley. The AI Club offers tech talks, hands-on workshops, coding sessions, discussions and competitions. 

Discover other unique organizations on campus here.



POSTED: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 03:48 PM
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April McClellan-Copeland