Kent State Biology Instructor Receives Outstanding Teaching Award

What do you call a faculty member who continues to be a resource for students long after they’ve left his classroom, a faculty member who oversees a food pantry for students with food insecurity, a faculty member who works across departments for the benefit of all students? This year, Daniel Dankovich, D.C., lecturer of biological sciences at Kent State University at East Liverpool, is called the winner of the Outstanding Teaching Award.

The Outstanding Teaching Award, presented by the University Teaching Council, credits three full-time, non-tenure track and part-time faculty members for being among the most dedicated and motivated faculty at the university.

Dankovich is Surprised by Colleagues for the OTA“I am humbled by the award and appreciate the students that nominated me,” Dankovich said. “I was speechless when the dean, assistant dean and my colleagues came into my class to make the official announcement.”

His evident passion for teaching and interactive, hands-on lessons are why students of Dankovich nominated him for the award.

“Dr. Dan is always excited to teach,” a student nominator wrote. “He does any and everything in his power to get us ready for our majors.”

Dankovich began teaching at Kent State in 2010, and he currently teaches anatomy, physiology and human biology.

“I enjoy working to connect with each student,” Dankovich said, “and constantly demonstrating the significance of the current material with their future roles in the healthcare field.”

His students explain that Dankovich does exceptionally well with interacting with the students. They said he is always offering to help in and out of the classroom and even after students move on to higher division courses.

“I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the material to my students and ensure their future success,” Dankovich said. “They know that I am always there for them.”

Since 2010, Dankovich’s time with Kent State has brought forth many accomplishments besides being an outstanding educator for his students. Some of his proudest moments have been being a part of the co-creation of an interdepartmental collaboration between biology and nursing at Kent State University at Salem.

“Anatomy students apply principles of physiology while watching nursing students perform clinical skills with patient simulators,” Dankovich said.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dankovich serves as the principal organizer and faculty advisor for the Student Leadership Council at Kent State East Liverpool.

“I work to oversee the opening, daily operations and volunteer staffing of Flash’s Food Pantry, which serves East Liverpool students,” Dankovich said.

Dankovich looks forward to each class and appreciates the opportunity he has to share his education and clinical experience with his students.

“I honestly just love to teach,” Dankovich said. “I will continue to work on becoming a better educator for my students while remaining an active member of my campus community.”

Dankovich was honored at the University Teaching Council’s Celebrating College Teaching conference luncheon and awards ceremony on Oct. 25. For more information on the Outstanding Teaching Award, visit

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Photo Caption: (Left to right) Dr. Susan Rossi, assistant dean, Kent State East Liverpool; Krista Hawkins, lecturer, Nursing; Dr. Louise Steele, assistant professor, Biological Sciences; Dr. Daniel Dankovich, lecturer, Biological Sciences; and Dr. David Dees, Dean, Kent State East Liverpool and Kent State Salem.

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Macy Kittelberger