Kent State Bookstore Reveals Its Top Sellers

The Kent State University Bookstore is the perfect place for students to find exactly what they're looking for with its array of Kent State gear, books and electronics. But with all those choices in there, have you ever wondered what the top sellers are? We wondered, so we asked.

Check out the top 13 items purchased at your bookstore (other than textbooks). We think you’ll be surprised. We were!

1. Kent State Fleece – Women’s Zoozatz Applique Gold Crew and Men’s Champion Navy Crew

Keep warm this winter with this Kent State fleece sweatshirt. This is an obvious fan favorite, so get yours before the cold weather really hits this season.

2. Kent State T-Shirts – Women’s Champion Crop Tee and Men’s Fanatics Golden Flashes Tee

Show off your school spirit with these popular T-shirts. From hanging at home, to walking to class, to going to football games and everything in between, these shirts are the perfect casual Kent State merchandise.  

Women’s Champion Crop Tee

3. General Reading Books – May 4 Books and Manga

Looking for something to do over winter break? Snuggling up inside with a book or manga can keep you entertained during those long winter days. If you are interested in continuing your learning over break, May 4 is a major part of Kent State’s history and it's important to learn more about all year around. You can find many informational books about May 4 in the bookstore, among many other good reads.

Local Interest Books at University Bookstore

4. Kent State Legacy EZA Hat

It's no surprise these hats are in the top five. Yellow, blue or white, a Legacy EZA hat is an accessory that everyone loves to wear.

5. Apple PRODUCTS – AirPods 2 Gen and 13” MacBook Air

Here’s something you might not expect to find at the bookstore, but the bookstore has you covered with any electronic essentials you might need. Save with Apple Education pricing.

Apple Products at University Bookstore

6. Five Star 1 Subject Notebook

This bestseller is an essential part in every college student's success. Whether it's for finals or preparing for next semester, this inexpensive classic education item is a must-have for handwritten class notes.

7. The Classic No. 2 Pencil

You can never have enough pencils. This iconic writing utensil comes in handy on a daily basis for a note-writing and test-taking student. Make sure you’re stocked up for next semester!

8. Graduation Regalia – Bachelor's Cap, Gown and Tassel Bundle

For our graduating seniors this is an essential part of your graduation ceremony. You want to make sure you look the part on your special day. The bookstore makes it easy to get your cap and gown, so you look your best as you walk across the stage. 

Grad Regalia at University Bookstore

9. Kent State Navy Lanyard and Kent State Top Slide ID Holder

Do you ever lose your ID or keys? This lanyard and card holder are for anyone who wants to stay organized and have handy access to your swipe cards or keys! With the built-in ID holder on this lanyard, it's an easy way to keep track of your card while sporting some school spirit. 

10. Kent State 16 oz Ceramic Mug

A high-quality mug is great for any coffee or hot tea lovers and comes in handy for those trying to stay caffeinated — or de-stressing with some tea — during finals week.

11. Kent State Cell Phone Wallet

This cute phone accessory is an easy way to show school spirit with easy access to your Flash ID, credit cards or driver's license.

12. Flash Mini Mascot Magnet

Who doesn’t love Flash? This mini mascot magnet is a great way to show off your Kent State spirit. It's really attractive...get it?

13. Blue books

A blue book is an essential part of test taking for some classes, as it is a 20-page lined book that is used to answer test questions. With final exams approaching quickly, a blue book is an important part of a college student's success.

Top Sellers at University Bookstore

And there you have it. With the holidays upon us, maybe now’s the best time to grab something for yourself or maybe a gift for a loved one. Just choose accordingly, you may get some odd looks if someone opens a specially wrapped blue book. 

Visit the Kent State University Bookstore inside the Kent Student Center or online at

POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2022 02:59 PM
UPDATED: Monday, April 22, 2024 06:37 PM
Tamra McMillion & Taylor Haydu, Flash Communications