Kent State Trumbull’s Care Closet Opens Allowing Students Easy Access to Various Necessities

Students at Kent State University at Trumbull who are in need of food, personal items and clothing will now have more support from the university following Trumbull’s Care Closet official opening on Oct. 18.

Trumbull’s Care Closet was created by the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and is set up as a fund that faculty, staff and the community can donate to. It’s goal is to provide necessities for students who can’t afford them.

“Food insecurity continues to plague communities across Northeast Ohio and the nation,” Kent State Trumbull’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator Bill Burgess said, “so it’s what we can do to try to help our students and their families,”

USG members and Student Life Coordinator Nancy Barker use funds to buy non-perishable food items and personal items like soap and toiletries for the Care Closet.

“Students in need will be able to utilize the closet to help make ends meet,” Burgess said. “It’s just another way that Flashes take care of Flashes.”

Local businesses have also held fundraisers to donate to the Care Closet.

Cockeye Creamery, a locally owned ice cream shop in Warren, Ohio, hosted a fundraising event from Aug. 6 to Sept. 16 to raise money for the Care Closet. Fifteen percent of the fundraiser's proceeds were donated towards its operation.

The Care Closet is planning on hosting more fundraising events in the future. A Chili Open Disc Golf tournament for Thursday, Nov. 4 is currently planned to further fundraising goals..

If local businesses want to help students, Care Closet is always open to ideas. Contact Dave Smith, Director of Philanthropy for Kent State’s Trumbull campus, by email at

Monetary donations can be sent to the Care Closet at Choose “Trumbull Care Closet” for both designations.

For more information on where to send physical donations, contact Student Life Coordinator Nancy Barker by email at

POSTED: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 5:08am
UPDATED: Monday, November 15, 2021 - 3:23pm
Ian Jameson