Maybe Kent State’s Born with it ...

The Maybelline Tour Bus stopped by Kent State to share tips and tricks with the community’s "Baybellines"

With a line wrapped around Risman Plaza, students from all over Kent State University’s campus joined the Maybelline Tour Bus and student ambassadors on Thursday, April 4, and Friday, April 5 to experience the New York City makeup brand’s tried and true products.  

The Maybelline Tour Bus also provided an opportunity for fashion students who have interest in the cosmetics industry to connect with professionals in the field.  

The first stop of Maybelline’s spring tour was at Kent State, with the next stop taking place at the University of Louisville later in the month. Tour manager Tiffany Sawczenko explained that Kent State was the first pick for a Midwest tour.

The Maybelline Tour Bus stopped by Kent State

“We have students who function as brand ambassadors for us and help promote the event,” Sawczenko said. “There are also makeup artists from this area who are on the bus.”

Since students can be quite busy in between classes, the bus offered two options: the first option was a full Maybelline experience, showcasing new products and trends. The second option was a highlight tour that quickly connected students to Maybelline favorites.

“Our purpose is to not only showcase our new products but also let students know that a drug store brand is just as good as any other brand,” Sawczenko said.  

The Maybelline Tour Bus Sign

Many of the students working on the bus were majoring in fashion design or fashion merchandising, like Mackenzie Turpin, a senior fashion merchandising major, who found out about the opportunity through an Instagram ad.  

“It's really great for me to be working on the Maybelline Tour bus because I want to focus on beauty for my future career,” Turpin said. “I am an ambassador for Maybelline for the day and in addition to working the bus, we also post for their social media.”

Turpin has plans to work in the cosmetics industry in the future, and the fashion program at Kent State has connected her to faculty who are helping her follow her dreams.  

“My plan for my career is to move to South Korea since I have family there and work in the beauty industry,” Turpin said. “[Professor] Hillary Stone was a great resource for me with getting internships.”

The Maybelline Tour is also working in conjunction with the Jed Foundation, developing the “Brave Together” initiative. The mission of “Brave Together” is to provide mental health support, awareness and training to college campuses.  

“This was created to show that not only do we want young women to feel beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside,” Sawczenko said.  

Learn more about the School of Fashion.

Learn more about “Brave Together.” 

POSTED: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 11:32 AM
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