Oh, the Places She Goes

Alumna’s Kent State academic experiences fuel her world travels as a fashion influencer

Kent State University alumna McKenzie Morgan has been there, done that, and has seen it all from fashion to travel.  

Morgan began her fashion blog in high school, writing about trends and other aspects of the fashion world. She originally considered fashion journalism as a career, but when she was at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, she had a few posts on TikTok go viral, and traditional journalism took a back seat.  

Morgan graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in fashion media in December 2022.  

Once her posts gained traction, she continued posting on Instagram, YouTube and her blog, creating Styled by Mckenz, an online personal brand. And it has taken off. Currently, her Instagram has 68,100 followers, and her YouTube channel has 79,400 subscribers.  

Morgan travels the world, working with clothing brands and promoting her passion.

Alumna McKenzie Morgan in Pass-A-Grill Florida

Her career has been greatly enhanced and influenced by Kent State’s high-quality academics and distinctive programs that prepared her as a lifelong learner.  

“My favorite experiences were probably fashion-related,” Morgan said. “All of the fashion weeks, but specifically Miami Swim Week. I really got my name in resort wear.”  

She has worked with clothing brands such as Dippin Daisy’s and Hello Molly, where she reviews clothes and accessories and works with sponsors to give discounts on purchases.  

Morgan recently partnered with Navigare Yachting, a worldwide luxury charter for a yachting trip with her friends around the Bahamas.

Her work has taken her across the United States, traveling from Malibu, California, to New Orleans, Louisiana, to Miami, Florida. Her international travels include Denmark, England, Greece and Ireland, to name a few, but her favorite is Italy.  

“If I can only pick one place to go, I would pick Italy in a heartbeat,” Morgan said. “I love its variety.”

She is especially appreciative of the opportunities Kent State provided to her as a student. As a senior, Morgan finished her academic journey in the university’s education-abroad program in Florence, Italy, in the fall of 2022.  

“Studying abroad was definitely my all-time highlight,” Morgan said. “My friends and I were the only people graduating in Florence, and the professors treated us so well. It was really special. Really truly so special.”

Morgan’s educational path was as unique as she is, and she appreciates what the university offered her and the work she put in.

Alumna McKenzie Morgan in California

“I get asked all the time, like, ‘Why did you go to college if you're just going to sit and film videos in your room all day?’” Morgan said. “I am a better me because of the education I got, and I stand by that to my core.”

As Morgan reflected on her time at Kent State, she ruminated over the local and global experiences that have supplemented her success.  

“I had the best experience at Kent State,” Morgan said. “There really is not one thing I would change about my time there.” 

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POSTED: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 12:48 PM
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Luke Trupo, Flash Communications
Courtesy of Styled by McKenz