A Passion for Teaching Connects Professor to Students and Helps Earn the Distinguished Teaching Award

Passionate: A form of interest that demands to be satisfied. Radd Ehrman, Ph.D., professor of classics in the Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies, encourages students to find their own passions while taking his class. His own passion shines outside the classroom as he impacts lives of students.

Radd Ehrman, Ph.D., with his class after receiving the Distinguished Teaching Award,Dr. Ehrman, who teaches languages including Latin, is one of three educators honored with the Distinguished Teaching Award, the highest teaching award a tenured or tenure-track professor can receive. All tenured and tenure-track professors are eligible to receive the award which is sponsored by the Kent State University Alumni Association.

Although the classes he teaches – Latin and other classical languages – can be difficult and may not be first-choice electives, Dr. Ehrman believes he still can make his class an enjoyable experience by coming up with ways to keep students engaged.

“I have always tried to make clear that what I love and enjoy is reflected in my teaching with the topics, authors and subjects I present,” Dr. Ehrman said. “And I believe that enthusiasm tends to be contagious, so I make sure to implement that into my classroom.”

Amber Kovach, a senior molecular biology and pharmaceutical student, nominated Dr. Ehrman and highlighted how he kept students interested in his class.

“Dr. Ehrman presented the language more in a conversation and dialogue,” said Ms. Kovach. “He would make sure that everyone was included and would show us that we could enjoy the Latin language.”  

Ms. Kovach shared that Dr. Ehrman would make sure his topics were relevant to the students, using pop culture references and ways to make the topics covered in class stick with the students.

“I believe that teaching is no longer confined to the classroom,” Dr. Ehrman said. “You want to show that what you’re teaching is important and that it has an outside world application.”

Dr. Ehrman was honored at an award ceremony luncheon on Oct. 19, 2018, with the other Distinguished Teaching Award and Outstanding Teaching Award recipients.

When Dr. Ehrman was awarded, he was so honored that a student would nominate him for this recognition in his teaching.

“I was really honored, and I was really surprised,” Dr. Ehrman said. “That was a great moment. I am so thankful that Amber would think of me when it comes to an award like this.”

“I’m really proud that he received the award; he is so deserving,” Ms. Kovach said. “His biggest joy is to help students succeed, and for them to be successful on their chosen path of life.”

For more information about the Distinguished Teaching Award, visit www.ksualumni.org/s/401/social.aspx?sid=401&gid=1&pgid=296.

For more information about the Modern and Classical Languages Department, visit www.kent.edu/mcls.

POSTED: Friday, January 18, 2019 - 3:31pm
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Francesca Barrett