PJs and PCs: Students Embrace Online Classes, Even Those Living in Residence Halls

Kent State University introduced distance learning courses and online classes in 2005 to make it easier for commuter students to connect. Now students living in residence halls are just as likely to take advantage of online classes as those students looking to save themselves a drive to campus.

Since Kent State began to offer distance learning in addition to traditional classes, student have embraced the online format, even those on the Kent Campus. Online classes at the Kent Campus allow students more flexibility when scheduling core classes and electives.

No matter the major or credit hours, these students came back to the same conclusion about online classes: learning and working on a class in your bed during a time that suits your schedule is much more appealing than a cold 15-minute walk across campus two times a week at 7:15 a.m.

Bailey Chaplik, a sophomore nursing major, explained why she preferred to schedule online classes instead of traditional ones for certain subjects.

“I took College Writing 1 online instead of face-to-face because I didn’t think that going to class in person would have benefited my writing,” said Ms. Chaplik. “Since the class was online, I had all week to manage my time, so I wasn’t overwhelmed with school work on certain days.”

Ms. Chaplik is not the only student that prefers to take certain courses online while living on campus. Research from the Office of Continuing and Distance Education (OCDE) shows there has been a steady increase in registration for online classes among all registered students at Kent State, especially students that live on campus.

The use of online classes has flourished among students living in residence halls on the Kent Campus. In the fall of 2018, out of the 6,551 students living on the Kent Campus, 1,161 students were enrolled in fully online courses according to Kent State’s OCDE. That is more than 17 percent. In the spring of 2019, that number bumped up to 1,205 students on the Kent Campus.

Online classes cultivate different environments for learning, as online distance learning courses can be taken anywhere. According to OCDE, research shows that even though students have the opportunity to take classes in person on campus, online class registrations are rising.

Riley Cummings in her residence hall working on her online courseRiley Cummings, a sophomore special education major, said there are different reasons why residential students on Kent Campus may register for an online class.

“I think people take online classes, even when they are on Kent Campus, because scheduling conflicts, feedback and reviews from past students who have taken the class could have recommended it rather than taking the in-class course,” Ms. Cummings said. “For me personally the weather takes a toll on you, and I think other students could agree, so I think the comfort of being in your room or bed is better than being in a classroom for an hour.”

If a face-to-face class is not offered at a convenient time, then an online class can be an alternative for students, allowing them to keep on track with their courses. Online classes allow flexibility in attendance and participation, which for students with part-time jobs, restricted class schedules or students who commute may find the accessibility of online classes appealing.

“I do have a part-time job, as well as classes and being involved in a student groups on campus,” Ms. Cummings said. “So it is easier to take a class online than having to take more time out of my day to walk to class. So, it really is just easier for me to complete my assignments online around my own schedule right from my bed.”

To learn more about online distance learning programs and courses, visit https://onlinedegrees.kent.edu/support/student-services/ for more information.

POSTED: Monday, April 15, 2019 - 3:39pm
UPDATED: Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 11:31am
Francesca Barrett