Providing Coordinated Care for Student Success

Through a multi-year, comprehensive examination of current processes and student needs, including the work of the Re-Imagining of Academic Advising Group and the Supporting the Student Experience Review Team, it became evident that Kent State University needed a system that better supported the evolving needs of its students across the student lifecycle. 

The EAB: Navigate platform was chosen as a solution based on guidance and feedback from stakeholders across the university who participated in the process. Overwhelmingly, Kent State heard that this platform would offer a university-wide approach to supporting the student experience. 

The holistic picture of the university’s students provided by the EAB platform will enhance the student experience in ways Kent State’s current systems are not able to do, providing access to relevant student information across offices/departments so that they may more efficiently and effectively support students. This new platform will also provide students with tools to meet their needs and support engagement in their academic experience. 

This new platform also will allow the university to utilize data and communication tools to identify student needs and provide personalized communications to support their success. It will allow the university to create a coordinated care network for its students, ensuring interventions occur effectively and efficiently for students and that students can be agents of their own success through targeted guidance and self-service tools. 

The goal of this new platform is to use data to support student success and increase the retention and graduation rates of Kent State students. 

As work continues with EAB, the university will be reaching out to key stakeholders on campus for participation to continue this important and strategic process. 

Eboni Pringle and John Rathje, the executive sponsors for the new platform, invite members of the Kent State community to submit any questions or comments here. 

POSTED: Wednesday, May 10, 2023 02:07 PM
Updated: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 02:45 PM