Represent Kent State With Virtual Video Call Backgrounds

While Kent State University faculty, staff, students and alumni are working and learning from home, they can show their #FlashesForever spirit during video calls.

Two of the video conferencing software platforms being used today are Zoom and Teams, both of which offer users the chance to use their own custom backgrounds using their own photos.

The people who miss the tallest building in Portage County, the Student Green or any of their favorite places on campus can feel free to download and use the following images of the most scenic places on any of the Kent State campuses, courtesy of University Communications and Marketing.

We’re sure the next time our beloved mascot Flash has a video call, you can be sure he’ll be “zooming” around campus using one of these backdrops. Actually, just take him to your next meeting (see below)!

To download an image, click on the link below the picture and then right click and “save image as...” to your desktop or another location. To use the image in Zoom, after downloading your preferred image, go to preferences, select “Virtual Background” and click the plus sign to add the image. Or you can do it from your video call. Next to the “video” icon is an arrow, click that and it will give you the option to “choose virtual background.”

Numerous Kent Campus locations, each Regional Campus and some press conference backgrounds are available. Take a look, choose and download your favorites.

Join a meeting with a beautiful view of campus.

Join a meeting with a beautiful morning view of campus (Download this background)

Imagine the next event you attend on the Student Green.

Imagine the next event you attend on the Student Green (Download this background)

Add some Kent State scenery to your meeting.

Appear before the arch and architecture building (Download this background)

Enjoy this view of the Tree Campus.

Enjoy this view of the Kent Campus (Download this background)

Sunset on the Kent Campus

Meet in front of a Kent State sunset (Download this background)

Meet from the Kent State University Museum (Download this background)

Enjoy a rainy day on Front Campus (Download this background)

Brighten your day with a flower (Download this background)

Visit Prentice Hall (Download this background)

Bring Flash with you to your meeting (Download this background)

Say hi to the legendary black squirrel (Download this background)

Enjoy a snack with a black squirrel (Download this background)

Imagine doing your homework on a beautiful spring day (Download this background)

Reminisce on the annual Blastoff event (Download this background)

Enjoy a fountain close-up (Download this background)

Meet from the scenic route (Download this background)

Enjoy a late night studio session in the architecture building (Download this background)

Show your brains at your next meeting (Download this background)

Visit Cartwright Hall (Download this background)

Enjoy the view of Taylor Hall as the sun sets (Download this background)

Show your Kent State pride (Download this background)

Let the sunlight peek through your meeting (Download this background)

Enjoy a bird's-eye view of a snowy trail on campus (Download this background)

Remember snowy walks to class (Download this background)

Remember, Flashes Take Care of Flashes (Download this background)

Ashtabula Campus View (Download this background)

East Liverpool Campus View (Download this background)

Geauga Campus

Geauga Campus View (Download this background)

Stark Campus View (Download this background)

Salem Campus View (Download this background)


Salem Campus View (Download this background)

Trumbull Campus View (Download this background)

Tuscarawas Campus View (Download this background)

Twinsburg Academic Center View (Download this background)

Put your press hat on (Download this background)

Put your press hat on (Download this background)

Put your press hat on (Download this background)

Put your press hat on (Download this background)


POSTED: Monday, April 6, 2020 01:07 PM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 11:19 AM
Jada Miles