Student Recognized for Going Above and Beyond During an Employee’s Medical Emergency

Quick-thinking, experience and a kind heart describe a Kent State student who took immediate action to help an employee during an apparent medical emergency.

Dylan Elson, freshman exploratory major, was honored in a surprise ceremony by the Division of Student Affairs on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in the Kent Student Center Alumni Suite, where he was awarded a plaque by Shay Little, Ph.D., vice president of student affairs.

On August 31, 2018, Mr. Elson was eating in Eastway when Dining Services employee Lorinda Craver suddenly collapsed. There were no slip or trip hazards around, and the floor was dry and clear, so Mr. Elson knew the fall had originated from another source. Mr. Elson quickly attended to Ms. Craver and helped her up, asking questions and getting a feel for her health status. He soon came to the conclusion that Ms. Carver may be hypoglycemic.

“After making sure that she didn’t hit or head or anything, I assumed that she could be hypoglycemic,” Mr. Elson said. “So, I got her some Coke and after a couple minutes, she felt a lot better and let us know how she was feeling. I sat with her until the paramedics came and made sure she was okay.”

An average student may have not picked up on Ms. Craver’s health condition, but Mr. Elson has some experience and training in CPR and first aid through his previous summer job.
Mr. Elson was surprised when he was handed an engraved plaque from the Division of Student Affairs, which recognized his act of kindness. He remained humble and was filled with gratitude as he made sure to thank everyone in the room.

“I feel like it’s an encouragement to just keep doing things for people,” Mr. Elson said. “This was how I was raised. I’ve done little things like this numerous times without thinking anything of it, and never thought it would amount to anything like this.”

Mr. Elson was humble and energetic and went out of his way to shake hands and introduce himself to everyone gathered in the Alumni Suite.

POSTED: Thursday, February 7, 2019 10:00 AM
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Alexa Marco