What Are Weddings Like Around The Globe?

When most people think of wedding dress, they imagine a traditional white dress. Sara Hume, Ph.D., curator at the Kent State University Museum, thinks of how wedding dresses transcend global borders in all different shapes and colors.

“As the World Weds: Global Wedding Traditions” is an art exhibition at the museum focused on wedding customs across the world that connect people with their culture and tie families together. This exhibition features traditional wedding garments and other celebration mementos from around the world.

Hume, Ph.D, lead curator on this exhibit, was recently interviewed by WKYC about the inspiration behind this global wedding dress showcase.

Sara Hume, Ph.D, Curator at Kent State University Museum

The exhibit is organized thematically to display the common thread between global wedding traditions from the customary English-speaking tradition of “Something Old, Something New” to examining different lucky symbols and colors in different cultures and more.

“People obviously have real deep personal attachments to their wedding dresses,” Hume told WKYC. “In this particular exhibition, I wanted to show the traditions from around the world.”

Watch the full interview to learn more about Hume’s thought process behind putting this exhibition together.

To learn more about the exhibition, visit astheworldweds.wordpress.com/.

Watch Hume’s WYKC interview www.wkyc.com/video/entertainment/television/good-company/weddings-around-the-world/95-3cb9a733-796e-49e4-bddd-6500f77af58b

POSTED: Monday, November 14, 2022 04:08 PM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 07:11 PM
Chloe Zofchak