What a Gem! Students Shine by Making Jewelry

If you were walking around campus on Wednesday, Jan. 25, you might have noticed groups of friends walking past you wearing matching homemade necklaces, bracelets or rings.

Jewerly made at FAB event

They were probably on their way back from Jewelry Making With FAB, an artistic and interactive activity hosted by the Flash Activities Board (FAB) that turned the second floor of the Student Center into a free jewelry-making station for two hours.

Students were able to jump right in, starting with a wire, and moving down the line of rocks, beads and accessories, adding as they pleased. It was an opportunity for students to spend time with their friends, meet new people and leave with a beautiful piece of jewelry they could say they made themselves.

Psychology major Emily Bishop and sophomore physics Hunter Naig

That’s what freshman psychology major Emily Bishop and sophomore physics Hunter Naig did, as they took their time to carefully make two crystal necklaces and an even better memory to share.

“We just both wanted to make matching necklaces,” Bishop said. "They don’t look too fancy or anything – just something we thought would be fun is all.” 

As supplies began to dwindle and the stations began to fill up with students, Sydney Shoaf, director of FAB Tuesdays, stopped to commemorate the importance of offering fun and alternative activities like these.

“We host events like these to give students an opportunity to express themselves creatively, put themselves out there and make new friends,” Shoaf said.

FAB is constantly organizing fun new activities on campus to keep students involved. The board plans more than 100 events (each year/semester) to help strengthen the student community, offer new experiences to them and help them find some stress relief from classes and jobs.

FAB’s upcoming events include a Grocery Bingo, a Lego Building Night, an Enchanted Winter Formal and a variety of more events over the next few months.

To stay updated with all of FAB’s upcoming events, please visit www.instagram.com/fab_ksu/.

For all events on campus, please visit https://www.kent.edu/calendars.

POSTED: Thursday, January 26, 2023 10:54 AM
Updated: Thursday, July 6, 2023 02:01 PM
Mateo Martin, Flash Communications