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Supporting the Performing Arts Center through our Membership Recognition Program is important and vital to our continued success.  Your support shows a lasting commitment to the PAC and allows us to provide access to the arts to everyone in our community and beyond.  This access is the bedrock on which thousands of amazing, shared experiences are built each and every year. Become a member today and let’s do great things together!

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Thank you to our Friend, Sustaining Patron, and Dean's Circle Members:

Anonymous (76)
Marie Abbuhl
Leena Ahlstam
William and Mary Ankney
Mark and April Anthne
Joe and Bev Antonelli
Kevin and Amelia Ayers
Greta L. Baker
Jeremy and Kelli Baker
Patricia Barnes
Craig and Kay Barnett
Ron and Patricia Bartlebaugh
Lynne and Richard Bassetti
Candy Beaber
Jerry Beaber
Wayne and Diana Beaber
Robert and Diane Beavers
Klaus and Karen Beinkampen
Benchmark Construction
Bob and Jane Bennett
Marilyn Berk
Dick and Pat Bible
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bichsel
Buzz and Barbara Bonisolli
Sandra Bornhorst
Eugene and Faye Breehl
Ron and Carolyn Brodzinski
Shirley Brug
Tom and Robin Burke
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Kathleen Burkhardt
Mary C. Burley
Brad and Sue Call
Michael and Sue Cappel
Leah Jane Carlisle
George and Joanne Carmack
Attorney and Mrs. James Carrothers
Randy and Sue Case
Karen Chaney
Mike and Rhonda Clark
Dwain and Connie Colvin
Romaine Coniglio
Ed and Debbie Cook
Cooper Accounting and Tax Services, LLC
Larry and Dianne Coulter
Roger and Judith Daniels
Rick and Bette Daugherty
John and Susan Davis
Rich and Carol Dean
Paul and Mary Deibel
Jane Deitrick
Dr. Tim and Mary Sue Desiato
Michael and Linda Devine
Dr. Philip and Carolyn Dixon
Steve and Linda Donant
Larry and Lynda Dunlap
Linda Earley
Robert and Sally Eckert
David Engelhart
Susan Evans
Tom and Judi Farbizo
Bill and Donna Ferris
Cliff and Connie Finton
First Federal Community Bank
First National Bank of Dennison
Aaron, Lisa and Belle Fockler
John Foust and Wayne York
Carol A. Fox
Tim and Karen Fox
Tom and Beth Fragasse
Carol France
Rick and Bev Frantz
Pete and Beth Franz
Rob and Heidi Frutchey
Karen Izzi Gallagher
Stan and Sue Gamber
Richard and Cathy Geib
Kimberly George and Gary Coen
Scott Ghezzi Family
Robert and Mary Lou Gillen
John and Sue Glazer
Ed and Cathy Gould
John and Maribeth Gowins
Judy Graef
Larry and Denise Graham
Dr. Thomas F. Graham
Joyce Ann Greco
David and Leslie Grimmett
Glen and Ann Groh
Dee Grossman
Mary and Kathy Hamilton
Mr. Jeff and Dr. Mariann Harding
Bill and Monica Harding
Sharman Hartson
Jim and Carmel Haueter
Dr. Ed and Lorrie Hawk
Dave and Marie Hershberger
Barry Hess
Dwain Hicks and Elizabeth Kirk Hicks
Jodi and Blair Hillyer
In Memory of Bill and Clara Hinig
Rick and Bethann Hinig
Paul and Sue Hoffman
Rick Hoffmann
Godfrey and Cyndy Holzbach
Kraig and Cyndy Host
Tim and Patty Hostetler
Barbara and Anthony Hren
Betty Huffman
Inca Presswood Pallets
Dave and Nancy Johnson
Rich and Zoe Ann Kelley
Kemp Insurance
Dan and Donna Kinsey
Ernie and Jan Kleski
Phil and Cindy Knisely
Koch Funeral Home
Doug, Angela and Jordi Kopp
Kevin Korns
Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co., L.P.A.
Jim Moore and Lori Kuehne
Larry and Becky Kutcher
Karen and Dale Lacheta
Lahman Lawn and Landscaping
Fred and Laura Landon
Linda L. Laughlin
Carol Lautenschleger
Bob and Su Leahy
Harvey and Cynthia Lemire
Annette and Bruce Levengood
Dick and Shirley Charton Lewis
Karol Lindow
John and  Darlene Lischak
In Memory of Grace M. Long
Randy and Diane Longacher
David and Sheri Longfellow
Tim and Marie Martini
Jonathan and Bonnie Mason
Dick and Fran Mason
Ken and Rita Mast
Steve and Becky Mastin
Jeff and Tammy Mathias
Dr. Steve and Pam Maurer
Mary Maxwell
Beverly McCall

McClaskey Insurance - Dan and Pam McClaskey
William and Marvel McConnell
Paula and Rusty McDevitt
Jim and Nancy McDonald
Jan and Roni McInturf
Mark McKenzie
Larry and Berit McMillan
Brian and Judy McQuillan
Rick and Jeannie Michel
Jed, Machelle and Meghan Miller
Susan Miller
Rob and Vickie Miller
Ed and Lucy Milliken
Colleen and Jim Milliken
David and Shannon Mitchell
Joyce Mitchell
Steve and Kay Mitchell
Charlie and Pam Mizer
Beverly Montgomery
Alex and Jennifer Moore
Sheila Moore
Donna and Bill Morgan
Chuck and Paula Moyer
Patricia Murphy
John and Julie Murray
Kent and Cindy Murray
Rob and Sally Murry
Moore and Neidenthal, Inc.
Jeanine Nordin and Kajsa Patterson
North Star Community of Dover
Edward and Mary O'Farrell
Tim Oliver Jr. and Kathy Wells
Beverly Peacock
Julia Phillips
Denise Picchetti
Sherry Pongrat
Kent and Lisa Porch
Waliah Poto
Jack and Cinda Pottmeyer
Bob and Tara Preston
Peggy Pritz
Progressive Foam Technologies
R&J Cylinder
Carol Rodefeld
Craig and Melody Rader
Rod and Diane Rafael
Arlene Ray
Nancy and Greg Rees
Linda J Reibenstein - RE/Max Edge Realty
Reichman Plumbing, John and Jennie Reichman
Chris and Barb Rice
Hannelore and Robert Ricer
Steve and Brenda Rippeth
Dr. Caleb Robinson and Dr. Emily Gable Robinson
Scott and Kim Robinson
Laurel Roll
Frank and Sue Rose
Connie Roth
Jeff and Norma Ryan
Dr. Stephen and Het Sabo
Sandra Samsa
The Samson Family
Elaine Santee
Barbara Sarich
Lynn and Kyle Schaar
Jeff Schmitt
School House Winery
Glenda Sclater
Todd and Sara Scott
Bob and Becky Seward
Jeff and Roberta Shrock
Tom and Jill Simmelink
Chris and Marsha Smith
Flo Smith
Sopher Insurance
Jerry and Jan Speicher
SSB Community Bank
Craig and Shirley Stambaugh
Bruce and Suzanne Stauffer
Mike and Kathy Steinebrey
Paul McEwan and Elizabeth Stephenson
Joe and Julie Levengood Stephon
Randall and Tracy Stevens
Steve and Ginny Stocker
Janis Stover
Cristal Studer
Jackie Stutz
Superior Clay
Richard and Agnes Swigart
Stephen and Lisa Swigart
Ned and Carol Tango
Dr. Malcom and Peggy Taylor
Larry and Kay Tedrick
The Trophy Connection
Steven and Elizabeth Thomakos
Donna Jean Thomas
Serena J. Thurin
TMK Valley Propane
Elmer and Alice Tope
Trinity Hospital Twin City Surgery Department
Triple S Energy Management
Tritt Party of 4
Trent and Tammie Troyer
Dee Grossman
Brian and Christine Valot
Robert and Carolyn Wallace
Terry and Nikki Wallick
Tracy Williams
Perry and Robin Waltz
Robert and Tracey Ward
Steve and Janet Ward
Jeffrey Warner
Mike and Crisi Warner
Kevin and Sue Warrene
Mark and Pat Warther
Harry and Marla Watkins
Jeff and Susan Watkins
Jack and Judy Wells
Virginia and Todd Whetstone
Andrea White
Regina Whittingham
Drs. Christopher Roman and Nicole Willey
Barry and Sue Williams
Steve and Julie Williams
Doug and Barb Wills
Memory A. Wilson
Tom and Patt Wilt
Dr. David and Nell Winston
Amy Wise
Glenn and Tina Wisse
Janet and Bill Wolfe
Alec Worth
David and Paula Worth
Gerald and Jane Wortman
Sue and Eric Wottle
Dave and Coke Yaggi
Cutia Yoder
Barbara Young
Ed and Gerrie Young
Bill Young
Chad and Nichole Zesiger-Merkel
Brad and Zoe Zimmerman

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