Communication Request Form

Information can be shared with the university community in various ways and the type of information will generally dictate which vehicle is best. 

communication Vehicles

  • FlashLine notifications (appear behind the red bell in the masthead of FlashLine)
  • University emails, when criteria is met
  • Promotion of events/news on: Kent State University website, Kent State website calendar and Kent State institutional social media platforms

Submitting Communication Requests

  • University calendar events can be submitted using the university calendar event form.
  • All non-event communication requests should utilize the communication request form below. 
University Calendar

The university-wide Events Calendar allows students, faculty and staff to stay up-to-date on events and activities, by placing all of their events, globally, in one place.

  • To improve the web visitor’s experience, the calendar is customizable in FlashLine, where each university community member is able to select preferred calendar categories.  
  • On the public website at, prospective students have the ability to filter on event category types to see what life is like at Kent State.
  • This additional functionality allows individuals to take a closer look at the various extracurricular activities in which they are especially interested.  

Submit a calendar Event


Find guidelines, criteria, deadlines and requirements for each communication vehicle.

Communication Request Form