Communication Requests

Information can be shared with the university community in various ways and the type of information will generally dictate which vehicle is best. 

Communication Vehicles

  • FlashLine notifications (appear behind the red bell in the masthead of FlashLine)
  • FlashLine banner
  • University emails, when criteria is met
  • Promotion of events/news on: Kent State University website, Kent State website calendar, Kent State institutional social media platforms and Faculty/Staff News Now (news only)

Submitting Communication Requests


FLASHLINE Email, FlashLine Notification or FlashLine Banner

The definition of a FlashLine communication shall be a method of electronic information exchange using either a:

  • Targeted announcement (email), only if the request meets email criteria
  • FlashLine notification
  • FlashLine banner (Welcome page hero image or Dashboard banner)

Please be advised that a request for a targeted announcement (email) must comprise information deemed as official university business and must meet specific criteria.

Learn About Email Criteria / Requirements 

View FlashLine Banner Specifications


You may have noticed that Kent State University promotes upcoming events, news, and student, faculty and staff success stories on its website as a way of communicating with the university and external community. They are highlighted on the website as either a:

The following criteria must be met:

  • Appeal to the designated audience
  • Request includes a web page or website to link to for more information (can be a Kent State page or external page)
  • Request is submitted 1 week before requested publication

*Note: Due to required preparation time, Kent State website requests must be submitted 1 week in advance of the requested publication date to be considered.  Events and news must meet certain criteria and, due to timing and competing events, all requests may not be honored.

Contact the Website Director

Faculty/Staff News Now Website (non-events)

Faculty and staff related news is promoted on the Human Resources Faculty/Staff News Now website. 

*Note: Due to required preparation time, requests must be submitted 1 week in advance of the requested publication date to be considered. 

Contact Fac/Staff News Now


Kent State University's FacebookTwitterInstagram and other pages include posts about major news and success stories. Because some social media sites will punish a page for making posts that don't garner a lot of interaction, UCM will determine which channels a post is appropriate for based on past experiences with a post of that type.

*Note: Social media requests should be submitted at least 1 week (7 days) in advance of requested publication.

Contact the Social Media Community Manager

Other Marketing Methods

Event Calendar

Are you wondering if your department or departmental organization can post an event here? The answer is yes! The following criteria must be met:

  • Your submission must be an event with a definitive time and place.
  • The event cannot be an announcements, holiday or closing.
  • The submission must be completed at least one week in advance.

After you submit an event, University Communications and Marketing will review the submission for content, spelling and grammar before publishing it in the calendar.

Please note, not all events will appear on the Kent State homepage. When you submit your event, you will be asked to choose a category, and that category will determine where your event will appear on the website and in FlashLine. All events DO appear on the university’s event calendar.

If your department has several reoccurring events throughout the year please email to determine if your department meets the criteria to submit events through a Salesforce account.

Fill out the event request form

Kent State University Media Relations

A key element in any marketing effort is news coverage. Our media relations professionals seek ways to generate coverage that will enhance the image of Kent State University. Depending on the story, we aim beyond the local to regional, national and international media, including print, broadcast and the Internet.

We invite you to contact us with information about your research, special activities and events. While we can't promise coverage of every event, we will assess the newsworthiness of activities and, depending on the story and timing, we can:

  • Write and distribute a news release and include it on the For the Media web page.
  • Use a news release that you provide and include it on the For the Media web page (note that your release may be subject to editing).

Sometimes the interest in a story or event may be to a specialized or limited audience, even within an academic area. We're happy to work with you to determine the appropriate audience for your message, or the appropriate message for your audience. For other services provided by University Communications and Marketing Media Relations, please visit the Media Relations page.

Contact the Media Relations Director 

Submit your news story

Reminder: If appropriate, you may also want to pitch your story to The Kent Stater and TV2.