UCT Action Groups

In 2010-2011 UCT accomplished a lot of good things: lots of problems were brought to the table, things were solved, and information was shared.

Please select an Action group from the choices at the bottom to learn more about its purpose or to read the results of its investigation if the group has completed its work on a topic:

University Search Engine   Technology Security Concerns   Distance Learning Topics

This year we have a number of technology topics that the group has proposed that we investigate and discuss in order to provide a better understanding of each and/or to communicate concerns to decision-makers across campus.  For time and resource limitations and efficiency we have formed Action Groups to address each of these topics.  The Action Group members can be UCT representatives as well as faculty and/or staff that have knowledge of a topic, direct experience relevant to the topic or are willing to help investigate and report findings related to one of the topics.

Action Groups will have a defined purpose, a membership list,  information gathering/sharing plan and  a conclusion which addresses the purpose.

We have also developed an interactive Comment & Question form to provide a convenient way to communicate with the officers and group leaders. You can find a link to this at the bottom of each page on our website.