University Search Engine Text

The purpose of this group is to field concerns from various departments about search-engine functionality on the Kent State University website and results it produces, and to work with UCM to determine appropriate actions for improvement and then to report progress and improvements back to the UCT members. A recently addressed concern was that search produced results for all campus by default, producing hits that might not be relevant to a particular campus. UCM welcomes the opportunity to work with this group to discover causes/weaknesses and to find methods to improve searches and to enhance the training procedures for designated staff which will result in more effective website utilization overall.

The members of this group to date are: 

  • Jeff Pellegrino (co-lead),
  • Denise Bedford (co-lead),
  • Paul Farrell,
  • Ken Burhana, and
  • Lin Danes.
  • Support was voiced to include Admissions, internal and external constituents, academic advisors, student learning, and students.
  • Chair Ruttan offered his assistance as needed.

Membership on any of the Action groups will consist of a combination of : UCT members, KSU leaders with expertise in the area of concern, and other interested faculty and/or staff. The number of members on each will be limited.