Web Support

Web team works with the university community to keep links and other copy within the website current and in compliance with the Guide to Web Standards.


If you need assistance with updating your website, please consider self-support as a first option. Web team offers a wide range of online resources on our website:

If support is still required, please let us know by requesting support services.

Support Services

Below are various ways to request web team support services.

All other requests should be submitted as a support ticket. 

Prior to Submitting a Ticket

Please be sure to check the Known Issue list on this page before submitting a support ticket. 

  • If the issue is listed as Known Issue, it is a site-wide issue that has already been assigned to development for a resolution. 
  • Selecting the plus sign (+) will expand the status and a work-around if applicable. 
  • Once the issue is resolved the post will be removed. 

Submit a Support Ticket

Known Issues & System Updates

The issues and system updates listed below are site-wide. Select the plus sign to see either the status and/or a work-around. Once resolved, issues will be removed from the list. 

Drupal II Training On-Demand Video Series

May 19, 2021: Learn how to edit your websites new homepage interface. Drupal II on-demand training provides an overview of the new homepage paragraph elements and demonstrates how to update the content contained on your site's new home page. The videos should only be used and referenced by trained Drupal 1 editors.

Register for Training

Left-Hand Navigation Update

May 25, 2021: The left-hand navigation has been updated from all caps to initial case, for enhanced readability. Additionally, a gold signifier was added to indicate the user's location in the site's navigational structure. Please be sure to review your menus in the event the text for the menus were manually entered in caps or lower case, to avoid inconsistent text formatting. 

Left-hand navigation box update from all caps to sentence case with current page signified in gold.
Submitting a Ticket vs. Email

Reminders Regarding Forms

  • Qualtrics is now the primary webform source. 
  • To build a form, please use our form instructions
  • If you need help finding your companion Qualtrics Form (forms built prior to November 2015) please complete a support ticket.
  • Review the webform operating procedure before adding a form to the website.