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Web Support

Web team works with the university community to keep links and other copy within the website current and in compliance with the Guide to Web Standards.


If you need assistance with updating your website, please consider self-support as a first option. Web team offers a wide range of online resources on our website:

If support is still required, please let us know by requesting support services.

Support Services

Below are various ways to request web team support services.

All other requests should be submitted as a support ticket.  Please be sure to check the Known Issue list on this page before submitting a support ticket.  It the issue is listed as Known Issue, it is a site-wide issue that has already been assigned to development for a resolution.  Selecting the plus sign (+) will expand the status and a work-around if applicable. Once the issue is resolved the post will be removed. 

Submit a Support Ticket

Known Issues

The issues below are site-wide. Select the plus sign to see either the status and/or a work-around. Once resolved, they will be removed from the list.

A-Z Index not expanding as expected

We are aware of the issue and the developers are working on a solution.  If you are looking for a department website you may find the Kent State Website Directory helpful.

New Image Upload Method

When adding an image inside a text box, a separate file no longer needs to be uploaded first.  Follow these steps to upload, configure and align images in a text box.

  • If needed, enter edit mode.
  • Place your cursor on a blank line.  The image must be added in its own paragraph.  It cannot be added within text of another paragraph, otherwise the paragraph text will not format correctly.
  • Select the add media icon.
  • Browse to locate the image you want to upload and upload it.
  • Enter the required Alt Text. (How you would describe the image to someone you were talking on the phone to, someone that could not see the image.)
  • Select the focal point of the image.
  • Select Save.
  • Right click the image to select Media settings .
  • *Select WYSIWYG from the Display as menu.
  • If hover text is desired, enter it in the Tooltip Title Text field.
  • Select Submit.
  • **To align the image right or left, select the image again, right click, select Image Properties.
  • From the Alignment options, select Right or Left.
  • Select OK.

*The display type must be changed, to remove titles from being displayed after the page is saved.

**The alignment must be selected under Image Properties. The alignment option does not work under Media settings.