Instructions for Communication Requests

Kent State University recognizes that the pursuit of the missions of teaching, research and public service is greatly enhanced by the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate electronically to all of its constituents.

To avoid a deluge of daily communication and keep such communication especially meaningful, each request will be routed through an approval process.

If your request meets the designated criteria, it will be approved. Here are the instructions for submitting your targeted announcement request.


FlashLine communication requests

  • Complete the online form. Hit submit. (It will be sent to
  • If you have a supporting data/recipient file, do not send as an attachment. See section below.

Instructions for Secure Data Transfer

Do not send data or e-mail lists via an e-mail. An FTP account or other means of transfer will be put into place at request time. Contact for specific instructions.


With the exception of requests supporting criteria one (emergency or unforeseen campuswide events notification), please allow two working days for UCM to obtain the respective executive officer or dean’s approval for your request. Once your request has been approved, UCM will prepare the message for dissemination to the requested population(s). Due to the volume of similar requests and the amount of time needed to prepare/test the messages for email and/or channel postings, requestors should allow approximately five working days before the date on which they want their message to appear.

Also, if you are requesting that your message be sent to a ‘subset’ of a target population, please be advised that this requires a data extract be prepared based on your listed parameters. Consequently, for these requests, please allow an additional four working days after UCM obtains the appropriate approval in order to develop and test the query for the message dissemination. Thus, in these instances, requestors should allow approximately eight working days before the date on which they want their message to appear.