Tool Kit

The Tool Kit section contains various resources, guides, and information to assist Kent State web editors in complying with the Kent State University Guide to Marketing.

  • Accessibility Overview
    • Top Web accessibility Issues
    • Siteimprove Accessibility Module
  • Kent State Home Page History
    • Take a look back at variations of, since just the late 1990s.
  • Image & Graphic Resources
    • The following resources are provided to assist all Kent State web editors in their efforts to include compelling images on the website they maintain.
  • Web Image Tools
    • Photoshop isn't the only program that edits images. Here's a list of many free options for users of all degrees of tech savvy.
  • Kent State Website Directory
    • Alphabetical List of Campus websites
    • Alphabetical List of Academic websites 
    • Alphabetical List of Administrative websites
  • Siteimprove Web Monitoring
    • Siteimprove provides the functionality to monitor broken links, misspellings and more for your site to keep it free from embarrassing errors.
  • Web Editor Reference Guide
    • Guidelines around KSU
    • University Style and Associated Press Style
    • Universitywide Updates - department and building name changes
    • Statistics - some require annual updates
    • Quick Style Guide

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