Various training options are available.

We are here to help you learn to maintain your website, by providing Drupal and web accessibility trainings, which also address how to utilize Siteimprove to monitor your website for quality assurance by catching broken links, typos and other such errors. 

After attending classroom training (or virtual training during the COVID-19 pandemic) and becoming an authorized editor, you will find that the Drupal Training Manual is a great resource for step-by-step instructions for topics that are not covered during classroom training. The Tool Kit section of our site offers various helpful resources. System updates and new functionality are announced through listserv emails.  It is important to read them when they arrive, however you can find them on our Drupal News page posted as news articles. 

We are committed to keeping you up-to-date on what you need to know to keep you website in compliance as required in the Guide to Web Standards

In addition, web team offers support for questions and individualized help. 

TRAINING TOPICS & Registration