Frequently Asked Questions


Academic credentials are the accurate and complete record of a student's academic coursework attempted at an institution, presented in either electronic format or paper format. These may include, but are not limited to: transcripts, detailed mark sheets, diplomas, degree certificates, provisional degree certificates, statements of marks, certificates of graduation, etc.

We cannot start processing an application until we receive all of the required admission materials, so please submit your academic credentials as soon as possible.  If your institution does not issue academic credentials in English, you must submit them in both the original language and a certified English translation.  Translations must be literal rather than interpretive.  Notarized documents and third party credential evaluations (WES, ECE) are not acceptable.

Whenever possible, please send official credentials to the International Admissions office as this is the preferred option.  However, for admissions purposes, we can accept scanned copies of academic credentials from institutions outside of the United States--please send them as PDFs to and be sure to include your Kent State ID number (a nine digit number that starts with 8...).  If you are admitted, you will be required to bring the original and official documents with you to be verified by the International Admissions office.


For admissions purposes, we can accept scanned copies of international transcripts sent as PDF attachments to If student is accepted to Kent State University, student will need to bring in a hard copy of your final and official transcripts to the Office of Global Education before you can register for your second semester (or second module for ESL students) of classes. Otherwise, the student's account will be put on HOLD.

If you attended a US institution, we must have official copies for admissions purposes. We cannot accept copies.


We do not accept evaluations from World Education Services or any other third-party. We must have originals (or copies of originals) in both the issuing language and an English translation. We evaluate them ourselves according to Kent State’s policies.

In some instances International Admissions may request that applicants submit a WES ICAP Evaluation for verification purposes. 


A letter of reference is an official letter from a former or present professor, employer or adviser who can attest to your ability to pursue graduate study. He or she can also address your moral character. Please do not send letters of reference from family members or personal friends.

Applicants may submit a recommendation form or a regular letter of reference. Providing both documents is preferable for most graduate departments.

It is the applicant's responsibility to contact their references and provide information on how to submit a letter of reference. They can email it as a PDF attachment to if preferable. 


Financial documentation does not need to be submitted until after acceptance. You are welcome to submit your documents if you have them ready, but doing so is not required at this time



Those who do not meet the minimum score for admission may be admitted conditionally if they meet academic requirements—Conditional Admission means students will take English language classes at our ESL Center before entering their program..


The current policy is that applicants to graduate programs must submit all required application materials, which includes proof of English proficiency. Otherwise, the applicant must apply directly to the ESL program. The completion of ESL does not guarantee admission to a graduate program.

Please check the English Language Proficiency for more information.


International Admissions plays only a small role in the process of transferring international credits. We determine what the equivalent credit hours and grades are, but it is the responsibility of the student to meet with an academic advisor to see how these courses fit into your major at Kent State. We cannot guarantee all your credits will transfer to exact equivalents in your program.

If possible, please bring course syllabi and descriptions in English to make this process easier.


Yes, you will need to pay your application fee again if there was a decision made on your application the last time you applied. We can only move a fee payment if the application was never completed and the student wishes to apply for another semester for admittance. 


If you are admitted to Kent State University and choose to attend another institution, you cannot defer your current application but you would need to reapply using your same log in and account identification.  It is very important to list the current school you are attending on your application and to have your new transcripts sent to ensure the most accurate and current academic information is reflected on your application. 

If your reject decision has been placed. We cannot defer your application anymore. If you are still interested in the program, you can consider to apply again for the next available term. 

Your application documents and fee are valid for a year. If you are qualified for a deferring and would like to defer/change to a different term please provide us with the following:

  • Deferring request through email or a written request (with your name and ID and which term you would like to change to);
  • Updated transcripts if there is any;
  • Updated financial documents if your financial documents have been expired

The letter and I-20 will take about a week to generate, You will receive an email once that is completed and your I-20 package will be sent to the address that you provided. Follow up your I-20 with ISSS department.