Sponsored Students

Who are sponsored students?

International sponsored students are partially or entirely supported during ‎their academic programs for the cost of their tuition, fees, living expenses and other amenities by ‎governments (U.S. or foreign), international organizations, public or private companies and other third party entities.

More than 30 percent of the international students enrolled at Kent State are sponsored by a foreign government or agency, by the U.S. government, or by a foundation, private company or university.

Countries represented by sponsored students include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brazil, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Vietnam, Russia, Namibia, Panama and Ecuador.

Individual Attention and Support

The Sponsored Student Services Department at the Office of Global Education serves as a central point of contact for (and liaison between) sponsoring agencies, sponsored students and several offices across campus. See below to learn more about the wide variety of services we provide.

If you are a sponsored student or a sponsoring organization, contact Stacie Ansley, Senior International Admissions Counselor, by email at intlspon@kent.edu for more information.

We're here to help you transition into Kent State smoothly. As part of your admissions process and to maintain sponsorship status at Kent State University, you must have a valid Financial Guarantee Letter (FGL) from your sponsor. Please send a copy to us at intlspon@kent.edu.

  • Admission application assistance and advising.
  • Assistance with documentation required by the sponsor, including official transcripts.
  • Coordination between admissions office, academic departments, and the English as a Second Language (ESL) program.
  • Liaison with University Housing to reserve on-campus housing for students (when requested by sponsor) and assistance in identifying off-campus housing options for eligible students.

We provide all the letters required from sponsors for students, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Enrollment or Status Letter: shows your current enrollment details (semester and credits).
  • Supplemental Admission Letter: confirms that you have completed ESL and are now starting your degree.
  • Online Letters: provides information on all classes that are taken online.
  • Completion Letters: shows the credits needed for your anticipated degree completion (credits earned and credits remaining). Your academic advisor will assist with the information needed. This letter can take up to 10 days to get back.
  • Graduation Letter: Often the final letter you will receive, this is stamped and signed off by the Registrar after degrees and grades are conferred. Please request this letter from us before you graduate.

We make sure all our international students feel instantly at ease upon arrival whether you are coming to Kent State for a week, a semester or a full degree program.

  • Airport pick-up (if requested by sponsor) and arrival assistance for newly arriving students.
  • Cultural adjustment and engagement on campus and in the community.
  • Invitation into a dedicated WhatsApp group for instant connections and support.
  • A regular schedule of activities to help you explore the campus, local area and school events.

We do everything we can to help you achieve your personal, academic and professional goals.

  • Individual advising sessions specifically designed for sponsored students.
  • Assistance for students in fulfilling sponsor’s requirements, terms and expectations.
  • Course registration and collaboration with academic units.
  • Identifying community service and internship opportunities.

The Office of International Admissions is here to support our student sponsors by offering these services:

  • Single point of contact for the sponsor to communicate with the university.
  • Special handling of immigration documentation and support letters for students and sponsors.
  • Liaison between sponsoring agencies and various academic and administrative units.
  • Preparation of placement forms and host institution application forms.
  • Issuance of official transcripts to sponsoring agencies at the end of each semester.
  • Third party billing services and individual student invoices.
  • Deferred billing in order to facilitate student registration.
  • Coordination of site visits at the request of sponsoring agencies.
  • Regular visits to sponsors to sustain and strengthen collaboration.

"It might sound surprising, but the best year of my life was 2020. That’s because it was the year I went to Kent State University.
I always wanted to know more about life in the US, especially after hearing so many amazing stores from Baba (father). My dream came true when I got selected for the Global UGRAD Pakistan program, a semester exchange funded by the US Department of State. This semester exchange program taught me resilience and independence.

I knew KSU was home as soon as I stepped in front of Koonce Hall and got the warmest hug from Stacie Ansley, my host advisor from the Office of Global Education. I had her support and love throughout. I was always welcomed and treated like a part of her family. She went out of her way for me during my time at Kent State, especially during the initial months of Covid-19 when I was away from my home country in the midst of a global pandemic. I will carry the knowledge and the dearest memories in my heart forever.

I hope that through my efforts for strengthening the cultural bonds between Pakistan and the US, I have been able to open the hearts of Americans towards Pakistanis. I am so blessed and grateful to have met all the amazing people who touched my heart with kindness. Friends, Family, Flashes! Proud to be a golden flash, blue and gold forever!"
--- Manaal Malik Faiz (She/her), Global UGRAD Pakistan Program Graduate


Sponsored students enjoying life at Kent State