Test-Optional Policy

If you are applying for first-year or transfer admission you are not required to submit standardized test scores (ACT or SAT).

This policy aligns with our admissions philosophy of holistic review, supports the university's strategic plan on access, reflects the most current data analysis regarding the use of testing in admission and is clear and easy to communicate and understand. The best indication of whether a student will be successful at Kent State University is their academic performance in high school—the grades they earn and the rigor of their coursework. This has always been the most important part of the application process at Kent State and this will not change, regardless of whether you choose to submit scores. 

Choosing Whether or Not to Submit Test Scores for Consideration

SAT/ACT scores are an optional credential and as an applicant, you can decide if you want to submit your scores to Kent State as part of your application. If you feel your SAT or ACT scores are an accurate reflection of your academic abilities, you‘re welcome to submit them for consideration. 

  • If you choose not to submit test scores, you will not be viewed negatively. 
  • If you choose to submit your test scores, the Admissions Office will consider scores in a manner that is consistent with other application materials.


What do standardized tests tell us?

On one hand, standardized tests give us a way to measure something about your potential that we can compare equally across all applicants. However, there is concern that a test score could simply reflect how good a student is at taking tests. From this perspective, standardized tests present us with a fuller picture for some applicants but might actually limit or skew our understanding of others.

Each of these viewpoints has its merits, which is why Kent State allows you to decide whether or not to provide scores as part of your application. Overall, we’ll never let them be the guiding reason for an overall decision.

How do I indicate I will be sending test scores on the application?

On both the Common App and Kent State Application, you will be asked if you want your test scores to be considered with your application. If you select Yes, we will review your application when test scores and other requirements are received. If you select No, your application will be reviewed once all other application requirements are fulfilled. If you choose to use test scores and your application completes without them, we may choose to review your application under our test-optional policy.

Can I still get a scholarship even if I don't turn in test scores?

At Kent State University, we strive to make a degree from Kent State an affordable option for students and families our first priority. Students will be eligible for merit awards with or without a test score. If you choose to use your test scores in the admission decision, the scores will also be used for scholarship consideration.

I'm still submitting scores. Do you prefer one of these tests over the other?

No, we don’t have a preference — you may submit the ACT, the SAT, or both, and we’ll look at where you did your best.

What about superscoring?

The Admissions Office will only consider the highest ACT composite score from one single test date or the highest SAT reading + math section scores from one single test date. We will always use the highest test score for admission.

Do you require or recommend the SAT Subject Tests?

No. Kent State University does not require SAT subject area tests and does not use them to determine admission to the university.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this policy?

If you have any questions about our test-optional policy, contact our office at 800-988-5638 or admissions@kent.edu. You may also contact your admissions counselor.