Honors Faculty

Employing innovative pedagogies and seminar-style discussions, the faculty challenge students to think deeply and engage creatively in the liberal arts and sciences curriculum. One of the most significant advantages the Honors College provides is this one-on-one interaction with the finest professors on campus.


Below is a list of faculty members currently teaching in the Honors College.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

   Jonathan Fleming

   Steve Rugare

College of the Arts

 School of Art

   Albert Reischuck

   Diane Scillia

 School of Music

   Linda Walker

 School of Theatre & Dance

   Rosemarie Bank

College of Arts and Sciences


   Linda Spurlock

   Joy St. James

 Applied Conflict Management

   Patrick Coy

 Biological Sciences

  Jennifer Marcinkiewicz

   Colleen Novak


   Songping Huang


   Shannon Christen-Syed

   Sara Cutting

   Edward Dauterich

   Margaret Dixon

   Don-John Dugas

   Denise Harrison

   Elizabeth Howard

   Barb Karman

   Uma Krishnan

   Susan Lord

   Chris McVay

   Beverly Neiderman

   Dale Richards

   Susan Sainato

   Michael Sanders

   Charlene Schauffler

   Thomas Schmitzer

   Matthew Shank

   Derek van Ittersum

   Kimberly Winebrenner


   Anne Jefferson


   Kenneth Bindas

 Mathematical Sciences

   Richard Shoop

 Modern & Classical Language Studies

   Radd Ehrman

   Jennifer Larson

   Francoise Massardier-Kenney


   Gene Pendleton


   Spyridon Margetis

Political Science

   Richard Robyn


   Kathryn Kerns

   Aimee West Smith

   Clarissa Thompson


   Timothy Owens


College of Business Administration


   Linda Zucca, Ph.D.


   Ludmila Leontyeva


   David Dumpe

 Management & Information Systems

   Ilgaz Arikan

   Geoffrey Steinberg

   Eric Von Hendrix

College of Communication and Information

 Communication Studies

   David Trebing

 Journalism & Mass Communication

   Candace Perkins Bowen

   Janet Leach

   Ron Russo

   Stephanie Danes Smith

   Phillip Trexler

 Visual Communication Design

   Sheila Hart-Fowler

   Larrie King

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

 School of Foundations, Leadership & Administration

   Natasha Levinson

College of Nursing

   Mary Bacha

   Patricia Bestic

   Debra Cifani

   Tamara Fox

   Lisa Klasic

   Timothy Meyers

   Deborah Rudy

   Yafen Wang

   Heather Weil

College of Public Health

 Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Environmental Health Sciences

   Chris Woolverton