Overlooking C Campus Center Lot.  The lot is filled with cars.
Overlooking C Campus Center Lot

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Spring 2017 permit sales information

Due to the high demand for parking, permits for most preferred lots near the core of campus sell out quickly.  However, there are always permits available.  If your first or second choice is not available we still recommend that you purchase a permit from one of the other available permit choices.  This may be limited to the “Summit East” or “Allerton Sports Complex” parking lots for commuters, or the “Stadium” parking lot for residence hall students.   Parking Services monitors the usage of the lots closely the first month of the semester so that we can get more students into the lot of their choice. 

Waitlists - If the permit that you want to purchase is sold out, you may be given the option to join a waitlist for the permit. Waitlists are only offered for select permits.  If you already purchased a permit you will be required to exchange the permit if the waitlisted permit becomes available to you.  Joining a waitlist does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase the permit you wanted, however it does put you in a queue should the permit become available.  Parking Services will begin awarding from the waitlist as soon as space becomes available, usually starting within the first two weeks of the start of the semester. You will be notified through your Kent State email account with the details and deadline for purchasing or exchanging your permit if a permit from the waitlist becomes available.  

If you have not been notified by February 15th, please email parking@kent.edu or contact the Parking office at 330-672-4432 for updated information.

Other options:

Local churches – Many of the local churches sell parking permits for their lots (see list below).

These permits are sold privately and are not honored on the Kent Campus.


Faith Lutheran Church (across from R16 White Hall)

931 E. Main St.




United Church of Christ (next to Center for Performing Arts)

1400 E. Main St.




Presbyterian Church of Kent (across from R5 Nursing)

1456 E. Summit St.




United Methodist Church (across from Rockne’s)

1435 E. Main St.

330-673-5879 ext. 10



PARTA Kent Central Gateway parking Deck:

The Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA) will sell parking permits for the Kent Central Gateway parking deck located in downtown Kent - just a few minutes away from front campus. The cost of the deck permit is $225 for the year or $150 for the semester.   This parking permit is valid Monday - Friday, from 7:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the KCG deck. To purchase the deck permit, bring your valid Kent State FLASHcard to PARTA’s main office located at 2000 Summit Rd. or the Kent Central Gateway ticket office located at 201 E. Erie St. between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. If you have questions or need further information about the deck permit, contact PARTA at 330-678-7745.


Do you still need a parking permit for fall semester?

Parking permits for the remainder of fall semester must be purchased in the Parking Services office.

The office is located at 123 Schwartz and is open Monday - Friday from 7:30am until 5:00pm.  Any questions, please contact us at 330-672-4432 or parking@kent.edu.