Art at Kent State Stark

The School of Art at Kent State University is one of the most comprehensive university art departments in the State of Ohio, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in art education, art history, crafts and fine arts.

The mission of the School of Art is to provide comprehensive, superior, professionally oriented education in the study and practice of the visual arts that will complement university studies in the liberal arts, humanities and sciences. In support of this mission, the School of Art is committed to liberal education as a necessary ground and complement to the development of perception, intellect, imagination and skill in the visual arts; to knowledge of the history of the visual arts as a basis for aesthetic sensibility and personal expression; to the development of skill in the use of traditional and experimental media; to the practice and communication of the unity of form, meaning and value in art, craft and design; and to excellence in curricula and instruction.

The school is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Finish at StarkBachelor of Arts in Studio Arts

Students can complete all requirements for the B.A. in studio arts at Kent State Stark.

Other Art Majors - Finish at the Kent Campus
Students can complete approximately two years of study at Kent State Stark before transitioning to the Kent Campus to complete their art degrees.

The foundation courses for most art majors as well as the Kent Core Requirements are available at Kent State Stark.

Finish at StarkFine Art Minor at Kent State Stark

Students can complete all requirements for the Fine Art minor at Kent State Stark.