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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies undergraduate program offers some of the most adaptable, flexible and relevant degrees at Kent State University. And because a bachelor’s degree in communication is of great value to students, we are committed to being the top program in Ohio. 

Finish at StarkBachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (3 concentrations) at Kent State Stark

A bachelor of arts in Communication Studies can be completed entirely at Kent State Stark in three concentrations: 

  • Applied Communication | Roadmap 
  • Interpersonal Communication | Roadmap 
  • Organizational Communication | Roadmap 

Other concentrations that must be finished at the Kent Campus: 

Each of these concentrations differ in focus, yet are rooted in a foundational understanding of how, why and with what effects humans interact with one another.

Finish at StarkCommunication Studies Minors at Kent State Stark

The National Association for College and Employers job outlook ranks communication skills among the most important job characteristics that employers seek in employees. This is why Kent State Stark is offer minors in communication studies, interpersonal communication and organizational communication.

To say a communication studies minor pairs well with other degrees and programs is a vast understatement! What career doesn’t involve at least some aspects of communication? From accounting to zoology, a communication studies minor will no doubt set you apart from other applicants when entering the workforce. 

Public Speaking Help

Speech tutoring is available in the Academic Success Center, located on the lower level of the Campus Center. Call 330-244-5060 to learn more.