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The School of Theatre and Dance at Kent State University gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of their art at one of the Ohio's highest ranked public research universities.

From dawn until long after dark, the halls, classrooms, studios and stages of the Center for the Performing Arts are alive with students’ creative activities. With in-depth artistic and technical training on a liberal arts foundation, the school’s professional culture permeates every facet of life and learning. As a result, students cultivate their talents and make the connections necessary for career success. 

In addition to in-depth coursework, our comprehensive training programs are rooted in a commitment to student development through mentorship and real-life experiences. Year-round production opportunities provide students with a quality education in our state-of-the-art facilities, including the recently completed Roe Green Center for the School of Theatre and Dance which houses more than 70,000 square feet of learning, performance, and design space. With three performance spaces on site in the Center for the Performing Arts and a fourth in the form of our outdoor summer theatre, Porthouse Theatre, students have frequent chances to display their work.

Mission Statement

The School of Theatre and Dance provides students with liberal and professional education preparing them for careers in the performing arts as artists, scholars and educators. The School of Theatre and Dance production season serves as the primary laboratory for the development of student artistic expression and technique. As performing arts, theatre and dance reflect and communicate cultural values and identities intrinsic to human existence. As such, the study of theatre and dance is central to the humanities curriculum. The School aligns with the goals of the College of the Arts by offering integrated learning experiences and research, blended with professional practice and environment. The School contributes to the cultural landscape of the university and surrounding community by offering diverse programming and productions in the disciplines of theatre and dance.

The School of Theatre and Dance At-A-Glance