Matthew Toro, ’15

Changing the Future, One Student At A Time

Matthew ToroMatthew Toro, ’15, had a simple but daunting goal: to graduate from college, debt-free.

“There were two reasons for this,” Matthew says. “First, my older brother was in his second year of college when I started, and I recognized that a second child in college would be a lot for my parents. It was important to me that they not have the financial responsibility of another, concurrent college tuition.”

“Second,” he continues, “it was a decision for me on a personal level as well. While in high school, I realized I didn’t want to have any student debt when I graduated from college.”

Matthew knew he would have to work hard and be academically successful during high school and throughout his undergraduate years to make this a reality — which he has — thanks to scholarships.

Matthew, who double-majored in criminology and justice studies, and sociology, has obtained two degrees in four years and graduated with zero debt with the help of several scholarships, including one from George and Kady Pownall,  as well as a fellowship from donor Margarete Spears. 

Next, Matthew aims to simultaneously earn a master’s degree and doctorate in sociology.

“The generosity of those who have made all of this possible has truly impacted me and my family,” Matthew says. “I hope they know I am deeply grateful. Their generosity has truly shaped my life for the better.”

Your gifts ensure a sustainable and vibrant future for Kent State University and its students. Meeting the challenges of college affordability, access and support for success have never been more important. Any they’re only achievable with the help of friends like you. 

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