Kent State Stands Up | Kent State University

Kent State Stands Up

This is a pilot campaign to promote shared respect and responsibility in keeping our Kent State community safe and healthy.  We are piloting campaign materials in the Eastway complex (Manchester, Clark and Allyn) during spring 2018.  Kent State Stands Up is designed to educate and increase awareness of sexual violence as well as what we can all do as members of our community to look out for one another and keep Kent State safer.

Be Aware

Kent State University is committed to the prevention of sexual violence within our university community.  Learn about the signs that could lead to a sexual assault, the definition of consent, warning signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships and what stalking looks like. Recognize the behaviors that are not okay. Understand campus policy on gender/sexual harassment and know your rights. Communication, education and knowledge is key to preventing sexual violence.

Get Educated About Sexual and Relationship Violence

Understand the policy and expectations as a member of Kent State University

Inform Others

Students have an overarching reach with other students. Reinforce the need to make sexual and relationship prevention a priority within the university community. Communicate the need for healthy relationships and that it is easily understood.  Recognize potential violent and/or dangerous situations and know when to intervene without putting yourself in danger. Communicate and recognize risk factors that influence behavior. Know who to contact for help and support.

Reach out to SRVSS if you or someone you know is harmed

Report an assault to the police

File a complaint with Title IX

Take Action

We all play a role in keeping Kent State University safe. Develop and/or increase peer support. Learn how to safely disengage someone from an unhealthy relationship. Positively influence others in the development of a healthy relationship. Provide support and recommend resources for healing. Get involved in university prevention and awareness activities and encourage others to do the same. Be an effective agent of change.

Register for a Green Dot Bystander Action Workshop

Get involved with upcoming awareness programming

Attend as workshop on Title IX

Feedback: This pilot is a collaboration between Title IX and SRVSS.  If you have any feedback about the campaign or its materials please email us.