ADED 20000: Topics in Social Justice in Teaching and Learning

PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to complete Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCII) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background checks and submit the results to authorized personnel at their assigned school-agency before the first day of the semester in which student teaching internship will take place.

This course examines social justice issues that are central to teaching and learning across all educational contexts. Students consider topics such as race, poverty, social class, LGBTQ youth and colleagues, socially responsive teaching, and youth placed at risk as they intersect with K-12 educational settings.

This course has a field experience to document some of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for social justice in educational contexts learned throughout this course. Students participate in collaborative inquiry as they reflect on issues of equity.

Students should obtain a Background check and fingerprinting prior to taking this course so that they are able to participate fully in the field experience. Background check results are eligible for ONE calendar year. When filling out your application, the Ohio BCII code on the application will need to be: “non-teaching position 3319 39B1”. Students should indicate on the form that “results” are sent to directly to them. Please do not have the results sent to KSU. Background checks and fingerprinting can be done in the Instructional Resource Center.

Prerequisite: None
Schedule Type: Lecture
Contact Hours: 3 lecture
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Please contact Dr. Pytash if you have any questions:

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