What does ADED / SEED stand for?

  • ADED = Adolescence Education; the state license is AYA: Adolescence and Young Adult
  • SEED = Secondary Education, which usually means 7-12 grades and was what the program was before the AYA license was created

Why might I hear both ADED and SEED?

The graduate program in secondary education continues to use the SEED designation, the undergraduate program uses ADED.

How does selective admissions work?

There are a lot of steps to go through. Please make sure to meet with a professional advisor in the Vacca Office of Student Services in 304 White Hall early and see the page on Advanced Study for detailed materials on being admitted to the program.

What is the website for the program?

ADED home page

When should I see my faculty advisor?

It is good to be in touch before being admitted to advanced study if you have questions about specific content courses in your major, or if you just want to meet your advisor. If you don't meet your faculty advisor before being admitted to advanced standing, you will meet him or her soon after that. We usually have a group advising time after being admitted but before you register for fall classes, and then again in the fall when you apply for student teaching and plan for spring classes.

What do I need to know about course scheduling for the program?

  • Make sure to apply for advanced standing in the January of your sophomore year (or two years before you want to graduate).
  • Plan on taking Principles of Teaching in the fall of your junior year/the next to your last year.
  • For most of you, your first subject matter methods class will be in the spring of your junior year (the spring before your final year).
  • Your next subject matter methods class will be in the fall of your senior year or the fall of your last year here. This semester there will be a practicum as well (a minimum of 96 hours in the same school where you will student teach).
  • Student teaching and Inquiry into Professional Practice will be in the spring before graduation.