Practicum (ADED 42292) is an important part of the one-year internship associated with the licensure program. It complements your specialty methods courses and student teaching with a fall placement at your student teaching site. During this time, you will gradually get to know different aspects of what it means to be a teacher in the context of the school in which you are teaching that spring.

Purpose of Practicum and Assignments

There are several assignments to complete within the Practicum course. These will help you begin to understand and think about specific aspects of the multifaceted world of teaching in a focused manner. These assignments have been ordered in a specific fashion to increase your involvement in the school in a conscious, deliberate way, as well as to fit with your developmental needs as a growing professional.

School Culture Visual and Print Essay

With this assignment, you will examine the culture of the community in which your school resides and consider how this culture will impact your instructional decision-making. Understanding where your students come from will help you understand how to make lessons more meaningful for them.

School Personnel Interviews

After the School Culture Visual and Print Essay, you will then complete interviews with the intervention specialist and the disciplinary principal of the school. This will help you meet the individuals; learn about their expectations, and how you can fit within the school.

Lesson Observation Forms

During September, you will meet with your mentor to decide the focus of your integrated unit. You will design a pre-assessment, administer it, analyze it, and plan a ten day unit for your methods course. You will then teach during the end of October and/or beginning of November. While you teach this unit, your practicum instructor will observe your teaching.