ADED Social Justice Colloquia

As part of our faculty retreat in Summer 2009, the ADED faculty started discussing how Social Justice emerged in separate courses as a part of a larger discussion about issues of diversity in teacher education. In Summer of 2010, the ADED faculty participated in a Diversity retreat facilitated specifically for our group by an outside facilitator. In subsequent semesters, we regularly included (sometimes difficult) discussions of readings focusing on social justice oriented teacher education.

To more explicitly enact our emerging social justice commitments, we developed the social justice colloquia in Fall 2012. The social justice colloquia have been part of our program from 2012 to 2017 with revolving and evolving topics. This presentation from the 2015 OCTEO conference (PDF) outlines the nature of this work.

Currently, the topics of the ADED Social Justice Colloquia are:

  • Race
  • Poverty
  • LGBTQ Issues in Schools
  • Culturally-Relevant Pedagogy
  • Differentiated Instruction and Special Education
  • Human Trafficking
  • Working with Families
  • English Language Learners


Resources for these Social Justice Topics

Human Trafficking


Differentiation for Students with Special Needs


Teaching English Language Learners