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INSS alumni meet with student teachers


INSS alumni meet with student teachers, April 2018

Kent State TLC Integrated Social Studies alumni (2016 and 2017 graduates) met with current INSS student teachers in April 2018 to answer questions and to discuss the transition from being a student teacher to working as a first-year teacher. Alumni also discussed their experiences finding their first jobs and the challenges facing novice social studies teachers.


Student standing next to presentation board headed For Sale

Mini-Art Installations Exhibit, Fall 2017

The ADED 22275: Issues and Trends in Social Studies Education Mini-Art Installations Exhibit was held during finals week, December 2017, in the Moulton Hall Ballroom. The Mini-Art Installation is the culminating project for ADED 22275 and requires the imagining, creation, and refinement of 3 to 6 original art pieces as well as an artist statement. These art pieces and artist statements engage the social justice issue students selected, and reflect their developing ideas of justice-oriented citizenship and activism.


Sculpture of hand reaching out from table
Globe covered with environmental messages


Two students with sculpture of hands reaching between bars


Photos of arms marked with words related to sexual assault
Diorama of two figures, one holding a gun



Upside down American flag with annotations


Abstract sculpture of polar bear
Photo collage of families and children labeled Syrians - Serbians - When will it end


Sparkly collage fish sculpture