Have a bachelor's degree from an Ohio institution?

Say hello to in-state tuition at Kent State!


I earned a bachelor's degree from an Ohio university but currently do not live in Ohio. Do I qualify for the in-state tuition discount?

Yes! Congratulations, you qualify for in-state tuition!

How long will the in-state tuition benefit be offered?

Currently, the in-state tuition discount will be automatically applied to students who meet the requirements and are admitted to a master’s or doctoral program indefinitely. The discount lasts for the duration of your selected academic program.

Do I qualify for in-state tuition if I am a current graduate student at Kent State?

Unfortunately, no. The in-state tuition discount only applies to new, incoming students.

Is it an automatic process or is there an application I need to complete?

This discount will be applied automatically when we receive your official bachelor’s degree conferral transcript from an Ohio institution. No application is needed.

Do I still qualify if the only Ohio degree I earned was an associate degree?

No. Only those who have earned a bachelor's degree from an Ohio college or university will qualify for in-state tuition for Kent State University's graduate programs.

Does this offer apply to international students?

No, this offer only applies to domestic students. If you are a U.S. citizen, refugee or asylee, then you are a domestic student.

Are there any graduate programs that do not qualify for in-state tuition?

Yes. The in-state tuition discount does not apply to the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Certificate, license, endorsement and other non-degree programs are also not eligible for in-state tuition. This offer is only available for master’s and doctoral degree programs.