Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Research Articles

Fuller, G., Raghanti, M.A., Dennis, P.M., Kuhar, C.W., Willis, M.A., Schook, M.W., Lukas, K.E. (in press) A comparison of nocturnal primate behavior in exhibits illuminated with red and blue light. Applied Animal Behavior Science.

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Book Chapters

Spocter, M.A., Raghanti, M.A., Sherwood, C.C. (in press) The minicolumn in comparative context: variation and evolution in the cortical column. In Recent Advances on the Modular Organization of the Cerebral Cortex. Casanova, M. and Opris, I., Editors. Springer Publishing.

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Raghanti, M.A., Todd, N., Hof, P.R. (2015) Probing the Proboscidea: Lessons from the past. Journal of Comparative Neurology.