3-D Classroom

3D Immersive Development Facility and Classroom

Science departments and the School of Biomedical Sciences at Kent State have developed a strong initiative in 3D and 4D visualization, especially of biological materials. We currently have several immersive systems (Fakespace ImmersaDesk, VREX display) for 3D and 4D display of large data sets. We have established the only stereoscopic immersive classroom consisting of a 7x8 Fakespace PowerWall for the display of 3D and 4D data sets. This facility is used for both education and research, the latter efforts focused on developing new interactive software tools for visualization of multidimensional structures, such as cells, proteins, membranes, etc., and providing valuable means for evaluating the importance of spatial properties in determining function. In conjunction with the computational resources available at Kent, this facility is unique in the state of Ohio and forms both a research and educational tool for the multiple scientific disciplines.