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Overview of Graduate Programs in Biological Sciences

Welcome to the Biological Sciences graduate program.  The Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University offers an innovative coursework-based Master of Arts (MA) degree as well as research-based Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees.  All graduate students, regardless of program, have the opportunity to engage in research with internationally recognized faculty.

Students in the MS and PhD programs major in one of the following research based degrees:

  • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology

* Graduate Assistantships are granted to students enrolled in the Biological Sciences MS & PhD programs.


Students in the MA program can choose one of the non-research based concentrations in a subfield of biology:

  • Self-Guided Biology program (no concentration)
  • Biological Data Analytics concentration
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology concentration
  • Medical Biology concentration
  • Environmental Biology concentration

* Graduate Assistantships are NOT available for students enrolled in the Biological Sciences MA program.

Student Successes


  • Dr. Aulino graduated with a PhD in Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology from Kent State University in Spring 2021.

    Where she is working:

    Dr. Aulino is working as a Technical Support Consultant for Bio-Rad Laboratories. This role entails working with scientists to troubleshoot experimental outcomes associated with Bio-Rad products. She works remotely and her position allows her to do lots of technical troubleshooting - it's the best of all worlds.

    Citations of papers published:

     Aulino, E.A. and Caldw

  • Dr. Cindy Perkovich graduated with a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Kent State University in Spring 2021.

    Where she is working:

    Dr. Perkovich started in her position on June 1st, 2021 in the Entomology Department at Tennessee State University. She is working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Nursery Crop Research Center in McMinnville for Karla Addesso. Karla gave the keynote speech for the Tennessee Entomological Society in September, 2021.

    Citations of papers published:

    Perkovich, C., & Wa

  • Dr. Kai Wang graduated with a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Kent State University in Spring 2021.

    Where he is working:

    Dr. Wang is working in Wuxi Biologics (King of Prussia) for medicine Upstream Process Development (Scientist II)

    Citations of papers published:

    Lu, X., Wang, K., Sun, S., & Mou, X. (2020). Metatranscriptomic identification of polyamine‐transforming bacterioplankton in the Gulf of Mexico. Environmental microbiology reports12(3), 258-2

  • Dr. Lauren Baldarelli graduated with a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Kent State University in Fall 2021.

    Where she is working:

    Lauren is working for Single.Earth ( as a Research Ecologist.


    Citations of papers published:

    Publications published:

    Baldarelli, L.M., Collins, S.L., Ward, D. (2021). How encroaching shrubs and nutrients affect N-fixation in the Chihuahuan desert. Plant and Soil,

  • Where she is working:

    Dr. Titus is working as a Scientist at Cleveland Diagnostics Inc.  She worked in this position part-time as she completed her degree and was able to stay on in a full-time role.  Dr. Titus works as an Analytical Chemist in the R&D Department where she works directly with the CSO to develop and characterize new aqueous two-phase systems that can be used as early cancer diagnostic tools.

    Citations of papers published:

    Dr. Titus currently has 7 publications (4 first

  • Where he is working:

    Dr. Eagar will be working as a postdoctoral research associate in the Departments of Plant Biology and Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences at Michigan State University starting in January 2023.

    Citations of papers published:

    Cosgrove, C.R., Kershner, M.W., Eagar, A.C., and Blackwood, C.B., In Review at Forest Ecology & Management. Ecotone effects drive decoupling of generalist and specialist species from soil. Draft available upon request.

    Eagar, A.C., Smemo, K.A., Blackwood, C.B., In Review at Soil Bio

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